Friday, 27 November 2015

The ultimate answer to constipation

There is good news for people suffering from the problem of constipation. There’s an easy and effective means of getting rid from constipation by the use of an ayurvedic product, Kabz-har. Developed by Baidyanath Ayurved Bhawan, the pioneer of Ayurveda in India since 1917, Kabz-har is 100% natural and safe to use. Since its launch Kabz-har has immensely gained acceptance and is vastly popular. Today undoubtedly Kabz-har is the most popular choice for constipation-related ailments and the No. 1 brand in its category.

Constipation is the most common stomach ailment faced by millions of people globally. Lack of proper care can lead to a host of other serious problems like piles, acidity, gas, headache, sleeplessness, heartburn etc. An authentic ayurvedic preparation like Kabz-har ensures quick relief from constipation and allied problems.

Baidyanath Kabzhar is formulated from choicest herbs, which have no side effects. The main ingredients that are used are – Senna Leaves, Sonth (dried ginger), Saunf, Chhoti Harre, Nishoth, Kala Namak, Sendha Namak, Ajwain, Baividang and Kala Dana.

Kabzhar not only acts as an effective purgative but also helps in rejuvenating the digestive system and elimination of gas from the digestive system.

Kabzhar is readily available in all retail outlets and chemist shops in 100gm and 200gm pack.